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We Make Purchasing And Selling Land Exceptionally Easy!


If you're looking to purchase or sell a vacant land lot without the hassles of dealing with real estate agents, banks, endless paperwork, complicated forms and long wait times we help eliminate all the red tape so you can buy or sell your land as quickly as 1-2 business days.

Trees and Mountains
How Purchasing A Lot Works

1. We Use A Simple 1 Page DocuSign Purchasing Agreement both buyer and seller agree to the purchase/sale of the property sold with all taxes and any HOA dues paid in full before transfer. Buyer and Seller signs an online DocuSign agreement stating so for the specific property, we both get a final legal copy sent via email.

2. We Make Payment Easy - we accept various secure payment methods to make purchasing your land easy - Credit/Debit cards, Zelle, PayPal, Cash App, ACH Bank Transfer or Mailed Bank Cashiers Checks. 

3. We Transfer & Record the Deed to you as soon as 1-2 business days after payment. We handle all the recording paperwork and fees so you don't have to.

4. We USPS Overnight You The Notarized Paper Deed with tracking # 

The property is then yours to enjoy!

‪Have questions about purchasing from us - Call or Text (716) 406-8798‬

Tree Stump
How Selling A Lot works


1. Contact Us - Simply Call or Text Us at (716) 406-8798 with the property address or APN number and let us know you are interested in selling.

2. We'll Send You An Offer Within 24-48 hrs - We will review your property and make you a fair CASH upfront offer within 24-48 hrs. If you accept the offer we will do our due diligence to ensure we can legally purchase your property, if everything looks good we will purchase your property in 1-2 days.


3. We Send You a Check & Simple Paperwork - Once you accept the offer by phone or text, we will USPS overnight mail you a bank cashier's check for the agreed upon price along with simple instructions to complete the provide paperwork and a pre-paid envelope to mail everything back to us. You are welcome to cash your check before sending any deed paperwork back to us.


4. We Record the Deed So You don't have to - We will complete the required recording paperwork and pay the recording fees with the county to finalize the transfer of the property to us. 

You are then done with the sale of your property without any of the work or hassles. We take care of all the due diligence and paperwork to make the process fast and easy. Call or text us at ‪(716) 406-8798‬ to sell your land.

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