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Steps To Get Your "Cash Offer Price" In Writing:

From the time you complete the form below, within 8 business hours, you'll receive your Cash Offer Price in writing. Or we will immediately PayPal you $100 as our penalty! Unlike most, we guarantee not to waste your time.

Step 1 - We aim to solve the frustration of a Cash Sale

Sadly, the real estate industry, and even worse, the real estate investor community is crawling with unsavory characters. From wholesalers pretending to be True Cash Buyers, when they're not, to giant hedge funds treating people like doormats. We recognize these problems. Requesting a Cash Offer on your property often subjects you to "the salesperson experience," as if you're on a damn used car lot. We are different. We have streamlined our entire process to ensure we never waste your time. 

  • Our Offer Won't Change:  

    Unlike websites and fake investors that give you an online "offer" and then change it later, we are a True Cash Buyer, local to Western New York, and we're 100% ready to close on the Cash Sale Price we provide.

  • ​We Use Simple & Easy To Understand Agreement: 

    The only purpose of added complexity is to disguise and or hide the truth. Our standard agreement is just 3.5 pages long. And uses simple, easy to understand English (no exhausting legal speak) to outline the price and terms of the agreement. You can preview it here and please ask if something is unclear or not understood. When your Cash Offer Price is provided in writing, too, every detail will be reviewed with
    you as well. 

Step 2 - We will start with our Highest & Best Price

If you like to negotiate on price, you're welcome to do so, but we won't. We never negotiate on price because, right out of the gate, we give you the absolute highest price we can afford to pay for your property. I could be wrong, but I don't think anybody likes negotiating. There is no lengthy back and forth with us. We don't have time for it. And we're guessing you don't enjoy that process, either. That said, our only focus is to serve the Sellers we work with. So, if you need to negotiate on timing, or maybe you need a rent back situation, etc., we are happy to discuss those options and accommodations. 

Step 3 - We provide you with Proof of our ability to perform

The regret that almost every Seller makes is accepting an offer from an investor that they didn't properly vet. There are so many pretenders, fakes, and con artists in this industry, I beg you to do your homework. 

  • Verify each investors' Funds: 

    Always ask to see their Proof of Funds and their last 5-10 projects. Most of the investors that a Seller will talk to when requesting a cash offer are not True Cash Buyers. Instead, they are wholesalers. These are unnecessary middlemen that try to squeeze money out of the middle of a transaction, between the Seller and a True Cash Buyer, which eats into your profits. So, the fastest means to find out whether an investor is a True Cash Buyer vs. wholesaler is to ask 1) can I see your Proof of Funds and 2) ask to see their last 5 to 10 projects. 

Step 4 - We believe in working together

Historically, much to the detriment of the real estate industry, the relationship between the buyer and seller has become a combative sport. Real estate agents like to claim "how hard" they fight for their client. This has created the consensus that you need to be a "tough negotiator" to get the best deal. As mentioned, we don't negotiate. We are 100% transparent with our numbers. We work for you to get you the highest Cash Sale Price that we can possibly afford to pay you. Unlike a retail buyer we have no emotional involvement. As a True Cash Buyer, we are driven solely by the numbers and ARV: After Renovation Value. For this reason, we work together with each Seller, as a team, not as the enemy or opposition, to learn as much as we can about the property to understand the property's highest future value. This way we can pay each Seller the highest price. We have no interest in paying you $20K less than another investor.  Because, if we can afford to, and it comes down to the numbers, we want to pay you $20K more. 

Step 5 - Here's the information we need to move forward

We can close as fast as possible, typically 30 to 45 days, providing you with the highest Cash Sale Price possible, with no inspection. No closing costs. No appraisal. And 100% "as is," providing a fast, efficient, and frustration-free experience. But, in order to do that, we need your help to get our Internal Funding Department the information they need to determine your Cash Offer Price. Please keep in mind, the questions asked are so we can qualify your property for the highest 'Cash Sale Price' possible. 

  1. Schedule a Phone Appointment - Text "phone appt" to 716-406-8798  

  2. Submit Online​ - Using the form below

Two Options To Submit Information: 

All Submitted Information Is Confidential & only used by Sunsnap House Partners and your account representative to qualify your property for the highest 'As-Is Cash Sale Price' with our internal funding department...

What Happens Next?

  1. Once you submit the form: a member of our team will review your submitted information and reach out to schedule a call to clarify any questions we might have. And to arrange to get you an approved 'Cash Offer Price' in writing within 8 business hours. Our standard business hours are 9am to 5pm EST. If you need immediate assistance, please text "immediate assistance" to 716-406-8798 to speak to a team member. 

  2. ​If the approved 'Cash Offer Price' works for you: then we will close in accord to the price and terms that we mutually agreed upon. And we will purchase your home for Cash, just as promised, on the date of your choosing. A simple, no stress, frustration-free experience. Anything you don't want to take? Just leave and we'll take care of it. 

Call or Text Questions to
(716) 406-8798

Sunsnap House Partners is a company that purchases, rehabs, and then sells houses at a profit. Offers are made to sellers based on market value and repairs needed. Virginia House Partners, will do everything possible to bring forth the highest possible offer to give the seller the most benefit from dealing with a fast sale.


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Call or Text - ‪(716) 406-8798

CONTACT: Sunsnap LLC - 1879 Whitehaven Road, Suite #2014, Grand Island, NY 14072
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Our company makes a profit by buying and renovating properties. Then selling those properties.
As investors, our first job is to create a win-win for both us and the homeowner we're working with.
Thus, our first and most important objective is to make you the highest Cash Offer possible,
so that you will accept our offer.


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